The Friday Evening Sessions

We meet every Friday (except Good Friday and Christmas week) at the Hythe and Dibden Community Centre, Brinton Lane, Hythe, Hampshire SO45 6DU (see map below). Play starts at 7pm and finishes by 10pm. Members generally arrive around 6:45pm to sign in and help set up the tables. A modest fee of £1.50 is charged and equally modest prizes are awarded each week for the player with the highest score, and the player with the lowest score!

We use a duplicate style of scoring but without matchpoints or the duplication of hands. Play proceeds in a similar manner to Chicago but rounds comprise three deals rather than four. We aim to play 8 rounds, in other words 24 hands in total.

There are no regular partners as players change seats and partners for each new round according to a rotation card. Depending on numbers, one or two players may need to sit out each round. In the event of our being one player short of full tables a player who is dummy can stand-in to bid at the table of three. In this way we can accommodate whatever numbers we have and we are more than happy to welcome newcomers even if they just show up on the night.

Naturally with the above system, scores will be highly influenced by the lie of the cards and will not necessarily reflect the skill of the player on any given evening. Hence, while our members compete keenly on each deal, no one takes the final results too seriously. This suits players who wish to participate in a competitive game of bridge that is relaxed and friendly. Our club is an ideal starting point for newer players who are comfortable with the basics of Acol bidding and card play and who wish to further improve their skills without the intensity of a serious session of duplicate pairs.